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Solar Energy Solutions

  • We specialize in off-grid battery backup solar systems, RV's, cabins, homes, and some commercial systems.
  • Residential grid-tie solutions are available for purchase only (no leasing).
  • We can supply individual components, including panels, racks, cables, inverters, charge controllers, surge suppressors, and control panels w/LCD screens and breakers.
  • We prefer to supply complete systems designs with all of the components, with wiring diagrams and instructions suitable for any qualified local solar installer/electrician.
  • We supply batteries that are designed for solar systems, over 2600 sold just for solar backup.
  • We do not offer installation; we recommend hiring qualified local solar installers.
  • Solar hot water heating to supplement your electric/gas water heater (our system has 20 years on it)
  • Our business runs primarily on solar power with a large battery backup system; we do have grid power for air conditioning and to backup our solar system if needed.

Call for more info on our Zamp Solar RV kits and to buy on-line, free shipping on kits.We offer complete packages with batteries and cables as well.

Call or email us with the following information: cs@hodgsoncorp.com or call 520-825-7277 M-F 8-5 MST/PDT

  • Application (RV, cabin, home, water pump, electric gate, etc.)
  • Power requirements of all items and approximate time used per day
  • AC or DC power
  • Grid tied or off-grid or combo
  • Backup generator or grid backup power
  • Site installation information - Where will the solar panels be mounted? Location?

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